Conference: 4.0 Industry*s impact in the automotion components* manufacturing

2016 May the 12th in the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa.

Quality management, traceability, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and the other new factors in the automotive components’ manufacturing.

The automotive components* manufacturing, apart from being one of the most competitive and innovative sectors within the industry, also owns the highest management levels whose efficiency and effectiveness is demonstrated over the years.

In spite of that, the different kind of production processes, the internationalization of the sector, also with the imminent necessity of producing more and faster without affecting the prices or the final quality, involve new challenges that this industry must deal with by using their experience and strategies with the knowledge of the industrial ICTs ( Information and Communications Technology).

Doistua will share its experience about how we implement the new methods in the automotive components* manufacturing in our company to assure our competitiveness in the market and the correct management of our global process. Especially we will emphasize the importance of the quality auto-controls in the provisioning of components to the automotive sector.|11|24|46|47|49|50|25|53|51|52|55|57|61|56|54|38|39|48|44|45|12|36|37|13|42|43|62/impacto-de-la-industria-4-0-en-la-fabricacion-de-componentes-de-automocion

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