Training day: Cold stamping lubrication systems.

The training day will take place on June the 9th 2016 in the Miguel Altuna Institute of Bergara from 9:00 a.m to 14:00 p.m.





Speakers: Iñaki Nieves (CHEMETALL), Juan Vidal (SEBIR).

1. Lubrication systems.

2. Variables that concerns friction.

3. Organisation of the material with which to work.

3.1. Lubrication systems with zink phosphate+ lubrication support.

3.2. Lubrication systems without zink phosphate.

3.3.Environmental aspects .



Speaker: Arturo Casielles (FUCHS)

4. Lubrication oils.

4.1. Classes of oil.

4.2. Verification methods of the lubrication system*s efficiency: Trials.

4.3. Types of application of the lubricants to ensure their efficiency.

4.4. Environmental aspects.

5. Oils for strip stamping (Washer manufacturing).



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